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Is your business carrying out Research and Development?

You could be entitled to financial support from the government.

Robert Staines & Associates will help you find out.

If we don't achieve a tax benefit for you - there's NO fee.

What is the R&D Tax Incentive?

The R&D Tax Incentive allows companies a 45% tax refund on certain expenditure on eligible R&D activities.

For example - an eligible company in a tax loss situation with $100,000 in expenditure on R&D could be entitled to a cash tax refund of up to $45,000.

This is a complicated area of tax legislation. It's vital you have someone you can trust working for your best interests. Robert Staines & Associates are industry professionals who specialise in the fine print.

No Hassles

Our initial assessment of your case is free - no strings attached.

Once you decide you want Robert Staines & Associates to pursue your claim, our industry professionals will be officially assigned to your case. Step by step, they will apply their specialist knowledge to each area as required.

They will expertly prepare, lodge and manage your claim, then work WITH your accountants to make sure you get either a tax refund, or a reduced income tax assessment.

Our fee is a percentage of the net tax benefit we achieve for you.