MEMA is a full service markets and event management company that delivers successful premier markets and phenomenal events.  We are passionate about providing our clients with a professional service that is creative, innovative and powerful and is able to meet and exceed the objectives of our valued clients and their brands


The creation of new markets, managing established markets, and providing market management for festivals and events is what MEMA does best.  Our dedicated team has travelled the world and consulted with the world’s top market managers to bring  innovative and proven successful strategies to deliver the most outstanding new and loved markets right here in Australia.  We design, manage and deliver on established markets for our clients and we create premier new markets to areas of demand and to foster our vision of delivering successful and professional industry leading ‘must do’ markets. 


Events are an excellent way to impress, inspire, motivate, promote, announce and celebrate.   Creating an unforgettable experience that has Maximum impact is what MEMA’s events team are about all about.  We work with our clients to help create and facilitate the event they deserve.   Focusing on your needs, we conceptualise and develop a plan so that the final event outcomes have meaningful impact that aligns with your business goals and vision.  Our versatile and creative team work with you to strategically develop an idea, translating it into an event concept that can be delivered in a cost effective manner.