Markets and Event Management Australia (MEMA) is an innovative and sensational company that delivers, outshines and exceeds within the realm of markets and events management.  MEMA is driven by the devastating forces of Directors Mr Matthew Harris and Mr Ramesh Patel who are leaders with a passion and drive for success that is reflected within all of their impressive events, markets and business ventures. 

Markets and Events Management Australia (MEMA) has a professional and diverse team with access to the leading industry sources and advisors worldwide that continues to deliver cost effective and innovative events and a successful management and growth strategy for any market.

Since its inception MEMA has been delivering successful events and markets management with ongoing growth, increased prosperity and a high reputation.  We are driven to create memorable events and markets that are considered must do events by the community both local, national and internationally. 

Our passion and vision is what makes MEMA a dynamic force within the events and market management world in Australia and internationally, making us the team you need and must have. 

“Be phenomenal or be forgotten”

Eric Thomas